Updating Microchip Details

A little known fact is that if your pets’ microchip is not registered under your name, we may be breaking the law performing any procedures at the request of someone that is not the registered owner.

Please ensure your pets’ microchip information is up to date as we need to check before going through with procedures.

micro chip - Updating Microchip Details

One of the best forms of identification is a microchip. It is placed under the skin so cannot be lost, but is completely useless if the details attached to it are not kept up to date.

Your pets’ microchip contact details are NOT linked to your pets’ council registration and need to be changed separately

How to update your pets’ microchip details.

Firstly you need your pets’ microchip number, this can normally be given to you by the person selling the animal or the vet implanting the microchip. If you don’t know the number your vet clinic can use a scanner to find the microchip and give you the number.

Next, you can type the microchip number into http://www.petaddress.com.au, this will tell you which company the microchip is registered with.

Lastly, contact the company for change of ownership/updating details.  

If you have any questions regarding microchipping please contact our friendly staff on 03 5174 6999

What is a microchip?

micro - Updating Microchip Details

A microchip is a rice grain sized computer chip that is implanted under your pets’ skin between the shoulder blades. When a scanner is used to detect the chip, a number will show up, this number is linked to the owners contact details with one of 5 registration companies in Australia.  If you purchase an animal that already microchipped (it is actually illegal to sell a dog or cat that is not), you need to ensure the details are changed and the animal is registered in your name with the correct contact details, otherwise the breeder is still considered the legal owner of that pet.