Goals And Standards

image 26 200x300 - Goals And StandardsWe want to show you, our clients – demonstrably and repeatedly – that we care about you and your animals.

We will seek to understand your concerns, and then work with you to provide the best possible outcomes for you and your pets. We want you to return to us for help and advice whenever you need it, knowing we will do our best for you. We discuss options and costs with you. Yours is always the final decision on treatment options.

Our Standards

We constantly strive to maintain the highest possible standards of care within our clinics. We are committed to the initial and continuing education of our staff, as this is the strongest way to provide excellent care. We are constantly assessing our processes and procedures to see if we can improve them, and developing protocols or policies to maximise the consistency of our care and services.

Our Surgery Standards

All our surgery patients receive:

  • Full health examination before anaesthesia or sedation
  • Blood and urine tests if required/requested
  • Gaseous anaesthesia and intensive monitoring throughout anaesthetic for maximum patient safety
  • Intravenous fluids to support body function throughout anaesthetic
  • Pain relief prior, during and after surgery
  • Fully sterilised surgery equipment pack for each patient – we never share surgery instruments between patients
  • Constant nursing attention throughout the recovery period for maximum safety and comfort
  • Experienced, skilled veterinary surgeons