How Latrobe Vets work together to solve your problems

image 38 300x200 - How Latrobe Vets work together to solve your problemsWe really enjoy challenging cases and the rewarding feeling that comes with getting to the bottom of them.

When we can’t achieve this we will offer referral, consult with specialists and do all we can to find a good outcome for you. We have a great track record with second opinion and ‘running-out-of-options’ cases, and we’re also really comfortable to work with other local veterinarians to manage your cases as conveniently as possible.

The reason that we welcome difficult cases is that Latrobe is a group of Veterinarians with diverse skills, interests and experiences, who combine to offer a truly comprehensive level of care for domestic pets. We work as a team, and frequently refer cases within the practice to the individual Veterinarian whose experience will offer the best option for that particular problem. In particular, the collaboration between Dr Kate Haines, with highly developed animal biomechanical skills, and Dr Amanda Rhodes-Andrew, with highly developed surgical skills, enables accurate diagnosis and management of a wide range of cases, particularly musculoskeletal & lameness problems.

Our vets have a strong culture of conferring, collaboration and referral within the practice – many cases receive multiple opinions to explore the best options available. We particularly value the detailed medical knowledge of Dr Fiona Armstrong, the extensive surgical & medical experience of Dr Peter Peisley and Dr Arden Woodford, the dentistry skills of Dr Kay Mitchell & Dr Peter Peisley, as well as Dr Kay Mitchell’s extensive experience with Rabbits, Guinea Pigs & Rats. These very experienced practitioners are a great resource for the rest of us.

The cutting edge knowledge of our most recent graduate Dr Carly Visser brings another dimension to the practice, constantly challenging our thinking. As is always the case our “newbies” are encouraged to put their up-to-date information to good use, sharing it with the”old fogies”, who repay by sharing their years of experience, resulting in the best care for your pets.

We’ve also developed a great local network of businesses and services who can be called on when part of the problem requires it – ask us for a recommendation.