Dental Care

Dr Kay Mitchell & Dr Peter Peisley have a particular interest in Veterinary Dentistry and perform many routine dental procedures, as well as instructing and supporting other staff as they develop their skills in this discipline.

We have a very comprehensive dental unit, specific dental radiography unit as well as equipment for dentistry on dogs, cats and small pets such as rabbits, which have special dental requirements. Dr Mitchell has years of experience with rabbits, and provides high level dental care for this species.

There is well established evidence for the wide health benefits of good pet dental health, and we strongly recommend feeding appropriate sized raw bones (not large marrow bones, which risk tooth fractures) or dental care diets to every dog & cat to promote this. Should dental problems develop though, it is best to deal with them as soon as possible to prevent the pain of a mouth full of rotten teeth or health complications such as heart & kidney disease. A quick anaesthetic, scale & polish will prevent a lot of problems. Every pet’s mouth should be thoroughly checked at least every year to assess dental health.

Our LVG Dental Care Plan makes it easy & affordable for your pets to have the best possible dental care. It includes:

– Free 6 monthly dental checks

– 15% off Dental care products

– Fixed price preventative dental procedures

– Initial discount to establish good dental health

Your commitment:

– Be proactive & follow recommendations regarding dental care (as best your pets will allow!)

– Make & keep appointments for dental checks

LVG Dental Care Plan 2019