Arthritis – what can we do about this?

Musculoskeletal pain is as common in pets as it is in people.

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Most pets will be affected to some degree by the time they get old. Arthritis can be part of this. “Arthritis” means ‘inflammation of a joint’ – it can happen at any age, to any joint which is not functioning normally. The osteoarthritis which is more common in old age is often the result of years of wear & tear and there is a lot we can do to help.

We should not just assume that an animal is ‘just slowing down with age’ because they are a bit slower to get up in the morning, or lagging behind on walks. In many cases there are conditions which can be treated, improving quality of life and prolonging happy life. The old fear that ‘they’ll just want to put him down’ is very far from the truth these days – we can help!

The first and most important aspect is to establish accurately what is going on, when an animal is stiff or lame or slowing down. It is pointless and even dangerous treating for arthritis if your pet has an underlying illness which is affecting muscle or joint function, or perhaps a heart condition. Blood tests may be suggested. X-rays may be required to confirm a diagnosis of arthritis, but not in every case.

If arthritis is diagnosed, there are many things that can be done to help – in fact, we have more treatment options for pets than are available for humans! We will offer:

  • dietary supplements to support joint health & function
  • prescription diets (which do the same thing)
  • arthritis injections (which also help joints heal)
  • pain relief if required
  • physical treatments (animal biomechanical treatment)
  • exercise programs
  • weight loss programs
  • stem cell injections

…and sometimes, there are surgical options available. Most pets can be kept happy & comfortable for a long time in older age if conditions are picked up early, and managed appropriately. We can help!