The Advice You Need

Getting unbiased advice can be challenging.

  • Does your pet really need that knee reconstruction?
  • What about dental care – does it really need that anaesthetic, scale & polish?
  • Prescription food?
  • Are there better options?
  • Are there cheaper options?
  • Which will be the best for your pet?

While we obviously need and want to perform veterinary procedures and sell products, we realise that our long term relationship with our clients is much more important than any one-off sale. We try hard to understand your position and concerns, consider all the available options for the management of your pet and give you as much time and information as you need to make the best decisions for you and your pet.

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We discuss a range of diet options, from prescription diets for specific problems, through high quality convenient commercial food, to advice on do-it-yourself diets, including raw diets. We would rather help you find the right food than sell just any food.

We consider the situation carefully when making recommendations for surgery or dental care. In some cases our recommendation will be quick and we will not spend a lot of time on the other options – when surgery or dentistry is the best or only option. In other situations we will discuss several surgical options with you, or recommend conservative rehabilitation as an option to try first. We discuss dietary changes to help manage dental health long term.

We recommend pre-anaesthetic blood tests in many cases, but do not insist on them every time as this is not necessary in our opinion. It is always an option if you prefer that level of care. We do not compromise on pain relief for surgery or fluid therapy under anaesthetic – these things are necessary and in the best interests of your pet. We will always be happy to discuss any concerns you might have, and to explain our reasons for insisting on these things, as we are happy to discuss all our services.