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Ever taken the pet to the vet – then been given the 3rd degree at home? Could you remember everything the vet said?

We’re trying to get around the common “what did the vet say?” – “I can’t remember/I don’t understand” scenario.

Clients who have the right information can provide the best care to their pets. We also know it is really important that you understand the information we need to give you, as clearly as possible.

To achieve this, we do several things:

  • We offer printed or emailed reports of all our consultations. Just ask, if you didn’t get it on the day. Get your partner/family (who didn’t come to the clinic) to read this, and everyone knows what is going on.
  • We follow up most visits to the clinic with phone contact a couple of days later to ensure everything is going OK
  • Our vets are happy to take phone calls or emails to discuss cases if you have queries the nurses can’t answer
  • We have a range of information sheets on common conditions and will source more detailed information for you when needed
  • We use reminders (sms, email, letters) to help keep you on track with pet care needs
  • Our regular email newsletter contains lots of useful pet care information and some entertaining animal antics
  • We’re using Facebook to give you useful seasonal pet care tips & let you know about (have you liked us yet?)
  • We’re gradually making videos to de-mystify what goes on in our hospital & surgery – check out the videos below.

Welcome to Latrobe Veterinary Group

Buzz’s day at the vets

Bailey’s dental

We know there is a lot of information on the internet, and we’ll happily direct you to reliable information sources when you want to do your homework online. As a general rule, you’ll get sensible information from university veterinary websites, and veterinary clinic sites. Forums & blogs can be full of unsubstantiated opinions & old wives’ (and husbands’) tales. We’ll also write out the proper name of conditions to look up, to help you find the right information.