When the seasons change you may start to see your pets coat start to shed and change.  Sometimes they may need help from you to help shed this old hair.


grooming - Grooming

Dogs coats vary from breed to breed, some dogs simply require brushing to help remove excess hair, whereas some require clipping to help keep them comfortable, especially during summer. Research your breeds coat and speak to you vet/groomer as to the best treatment of their coat.

Dogs prone to hot spots may need to be clipped regularly.


Cats vary in their need for grooming. Typically the longer the hair, the more grooming needed.

Long haired cats especially require regular brushing, to remove old hair but also to prevent matts, which can be very uncomfortable and even painful if left, as well as keeping the cat cool in the warmer months.

Grooming is beneficial for multiple reasons,

-Helps improve muscle tone

-Stimulates the skin to release oils.

-Gives the opportunity to give your cat a quick physical check.

-Can help you bond with your cat.

When brushing is not tolerated by the cat, owners choose to have their cat clipped. This involves clipping the body, leaving the head, tail and leg, this can be quite a relief for the cat and makes for less work for the owner.

Here at Latrobe Vet Group, we do cat clips whilst the patient is under a heavy sedation or general anaesthetic. The reason for this is that it can be quite frightening and unpleasant for the cat as there is a large amount of handling required, combined with as the noise of the clippers and  the potential discomfort caused by matts.

Grooming can also be a bonding experience for a cat and its owner as well and maintaining the coat.

If you notice heavy shedding or bald patches contact us on 03 5174 6999.