Dangers of the BBQ

Summer is a fantastic time for a barbeque. However, something that is so much fun for us can pose some very serious risk to our pets.

Meat and bones

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Sausages are delicious, but remember that, one thin Woolies sausage can be almost 25% of your dogs’ daily energy requirements. To put that into perspective that is 10 sausages for us, wow!


Daily energy requirement for 15kg dog – 840cal

Woolies sausage caloric content- 200cal

Average daily human energy requirement- 8300cal

Along with being high in energy content, BBQ food, are quite high in fat, which can cause issues for dogs, with more serious cases, even resulting in gastrointestinal distress and potential pancreatitis. Common foods containing large amounts of fat are turkey and chicken skin, butter, fatty cuts of meat and bacon.

Cooked bones that have had meat on them smell amazing and are irresistible to dogs, but are potentially harmful.

Kebab sticks

Kebab sticks can pose a risk to your pets health. Once ingested they have the potential to cause damage to the mouth, oesophagus, stomach, and intestines. In most cases surgical intervention is they only way to remove.


Wonderful on a hamburger, but it’s not a well-known fact that onion is toxic to both cats and dogs.


A sneaky danger of BBQ is the corn cob, buttery and tempting. It is a common cause of obstruction and may require surgery to remove if eaten by a dog.

Consider using a dog-proof container to throw out any potentially harmful food waste.

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