Car Sickness in dogs

Car sickness is an unenjoyable experience for all involved.

It can be triggered by stress, motion sickness, or even a combination of both.

 We have compiled a few tips to help you on your next car trip.

car - Car Sickness in dogs

1. Start slowly

Begin car training by sitting quietly and gently petting and praising your pup in the car without starting it. Once your pet is comfortable with this you can progress to turning on the ignition, still continuing to sit quietly and plenty of calm petting and reassurance.

Once comfortable with this, you can start with short frequent trips gradually increasing the length over time.

2. Be prepared

Have multiple layers of bedding over the seat (or puppy training pads etc.) so you can quickly get rid of the vomit without too much fuss.

3. Food

A full stomach can increase the symptoms of motion sickness so it’s best to feed your animal 2 hours before travelling anywhere.

If your dog requires a meal, be sure to only give a small amount a few hours before (if possible) travelling.

If all else fails,

Visit your vet for other options.