Dr. Kay Mitchell

Dr. Kay Mitchell brings to the practice extreme surgical efficiency, particularly on routine procedures where her speed and dexterity are highly impressive to watch, but also her extensive knowledge of Rabbits and Guinea pigs, which are her main interest.

Dr. Kay has been part time with Latrobe Veterinary Group since 2001, which overlapped for a few years with part time work at Melbourne Rabbit Clinic. There, she performed many surgical procedures on these small animals with their particular characteristics, as well as applying a wide range of medical treatments for their care. She continues this work now. We all tend to go to Kay as our number one reference for a rabbit problem.

Another important area of the practice where Dr. Kay is a great mentor for the rest of the staff is veterinary dentistry, which is her other major interest. Kay really enjoys making use of our quality dental equipment to transform tartar encrusted canines (teeth that is) into pearly white fangs.