Dr. Kate Haines

Dr. Kate Haines is the Practice Principal. Her primary professional interest is the application of biomechanical therapies (Chiropractic/Osteopathic) for animals. Her time is divided between consulting and practice administration, she doesn’t do much any! surgery these days.

Dr. Kate’s early professional years were spent in mixed practice in Victoria and the United Kingdom. Major interests followed were dairy cattle practice, vetting endurance horses, avian medicine, until her interest in biomechanical therapy became serious, following a course in 1994, and took over, to the point where it now occupies most of her consulting time. A fair proportion of her time is also spent on management of this large practice, which provides continual interest & challenges. She has just reached the milestone of 30 years at the helm

Dr. Haines attained a Graduate Diploma in Animal Chiropractic in 1999 from RMIT University, followed by a Master of Chiropractic Science (Animal Chiropractic) in 2001 – being the first in the world to gain this qualification. Other qualifications include: Certification with the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS), accreditation with various cattle quality assurance programs, a Diploma of Practice Management and latest, a Cert IV (TAE) Training and Assessment.

Dr. Kate is also involved in educating: Academic Associate of the University of Melbourne, was heavily involved in teaching (lecturing and practical) at the now ceased RMIT University Animal Chiropractic Program, has been an external examiner for Melbourne University and has presented lectures at many venues and courses. In the last few years Kate has contributed an enormous amount of voluntary time as course writer of a replacement for the RMIT Animal Chiropractic program – the 2013 accredited Graduate Diploma in Animal Biomechanical Medicine. She has been the main point of liaison in the development of the partnership with Box Hill Institute for the delivery of this world first course, which commenced in 2014.

Away from work, Kate enjoys various sporting activities (particularly telemark skiing), plays in an Irish/Celtic band (Mollimor) and chills out in the garden.