Orthopaedic Surgery

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Dr Amanda Rhodes-Andrew has extremely well developed skills in surgery, particularly orthopaedic surgery, having undergone the rigorous process of attaining her Membership of the Australian College of Veterinary Surgeons in the chapter of Canine Surgery, in 2006.

In achieving this, she spent one day a week working with a specialist surgeon in Melbourne for eighteen months, in which time she participated in a huge range of surgical procedures. She has since attended further workshops to update on various techniques.

To enable her to perform complex orthopaedic (bone surgery) procedures, the practice is very well equipped — equipment such as electrocautery, suction, drills, a large range of orthopaedic hand tools, and an extensive assortment of implants such as plates, pins and screws are maintained. Other staff are trained and supported by Dr Rhodes-Andrew as they also develop skills in this area.

Soft Tissue Surgery

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Soft tissue surgery often does not require the high level of equipment of orthopaedics, but the skill and patience required can be greater. Dr Rhodes-Andrew shines here also — having performed many procedures such as extensive tumour removals, large skin grafts, liver and lung lobe removals and many intestinal surgery procedures. Dr Kay Mitchell also has highly developed soft tissue surgical skills.

General Surgical Procedures (including Desexing)

Our clinics are equipped to carry out all routine and many of the more unusual veterinary surgical procedures and our veterinary surgeons have years of experience under their belts.

Dr Kay Mitchell in particular is extremely experienced, adept and quick at desexing procedures, and carries out most spay procedures through a tiny flank incision which has many advantages in speed and ease of recovery.

We are committed to making surgical desexing as affordable as possible for the community — without compromising what we regard as essential standards of care. Some corners should never be cut.