Want a tree change? – we need another great Veterinary nurse!

Part Time/Full Time – Negotiable

What do you want at work? We can offer these things 

  • Happy, positive team culture. Evidence: many long term staff, feedback from experienced staff joining the practice. We work on our culture proactively and fit is really important. If you prefer to run solo, you are not the person we are looking for at the moment. 
  • Large, diverse Veterinary team – 10 vets whose individual interests include: surgery – orthopaedic and complex soft tissue, dentistry, birds (specialist level), rabbits and other small fluffies, animal biomechanical medicine, small animal medicine.
  • Great buildings – purpose built hospital (2013 and we still love it), Traralgon and recently renovated branch clinic, Morwell – check out the website photos. 
  • Lots of toys: DR Xray, dental Xray, ultrasound, video-endoscope, wide range of surgical gear, suction, cautery, many fluid pumps, patient warming, in house pathology in both clinics, Smartflow, laser & more.
  • Excellent veterinary nursing team: qualified VNs with 30 years experience, through to awesome trainees. We play to people’s strengths and manage their weaknesses – square pegs not in round holes (or the converse). Spend some time with the crew and find out yourself. 
  • Communication, structure & systems: We have standards, policies and procedures. We roster well in advance, payroll systems work. We schedule breaks. Proactive management & multiple, effective, communication systems. We are continually working on all these things.
  • Appropriate salary, appropriate conditions. Of course. Evidence – they’re all still here – ask them. 
  • Staff training – ongoing & we have so much more planned in this area, just need a bit more time to make it all happen.

If you don’t already live here, the Latrobe Valley is one of those areas that flies under the radar. Check out https://www.rdv.vic.gov.au/victorias-regions/latrobe. Everything you are likely to want or need is here. 

What do we need? Can you offer this? 

  • This practice is growing fast – doubled in a few years. We like to have enough staff - we need at least one more great nurse
  • Experienced, preferably Cert IV VN qualified, small animal Veterinary Nurse.
  • Team player – they have your back, you have theirs. No stabbing allowed. 
  • Flexible – we have shifts starting from 7am & others finishing 8pm – we also work reduced hours on weekends and most public holidays. Currently we are not offering an afterhours option, but that may change. We need someone who is willing and able to be involved in that spread of hours and has their own transport. We like to share the different roles between staff, to keep it interesting and fair – but square pegs/round holes – we put people where they are happy as much as possible. 

Should we talk?

Ring (03 5174 6999) to give us your email details & request a job description – we actually want to hear your voice on the phone & it gives you a chance to check us out a little. Feel free to ask some questions.

Once you’ve read that – if you want to investigate further, email is preferred for setting things up. 

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This post was written by Kate Haines