Tips for reducing your cats stress during their next vet visit.

We understand that taking your cat to the vet can be stressful for both you and your cat , so we have compiled a few tips to try and reduce the amount of stress to both you and your cat.

cage - Tips for reducing your cats stress during their next vet visit.

Before the visit

-Having the correct cage can help make the cat feel more secure. A wire top cage can leave the cat feeling exposed & vulnerable, while the cage pictured right is ideal as cat can feel relatively hidden when in it and the lid can be removed if need be.

-Rather than bringing out the cage only before a vet visit, make the cage part of the furniture of the house.

-Associate the cage with something good, if possible use the cage as part of play or feed the cat inside cage with the top off. This may take time if he/she already has a negative association with it.

-For a detailed guide on training you cat to use a carrier visit

-To help the cage smell familiar you can put in bedding or clothing from the cats favourite person. You can also spray the cage with Feliway, a synthetic pheromone that can help reduce anxiety, 30mins before putting that cat in.

-Bring a towel to cover the cage. The reception staff can always supply one, but one from home will smell more familiar. It can be also be used in transit to and from the clinic.

-If bringing multiple cats use separate cages. They need their own space. It is scary enough going to the vets without having your brother or sister taking up your personal space.

-Take extra bedding in case you cat has an accident in the cage.

In the car

– Secure the cage in the footwell behind one of the front seats, or strap the age in using the seat belt.

-Be sure to have the cage sitting as level on the car seat as possible

-Avoid loud noises or music in the car.

-Try to drive as smoothly as possible.

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At the vets

-If there are barking dogs in the waiting room opt to wait in the car.

-Carry the cage as gently and smoothly as possible.

-When possible try and sit the cage up on chairs and benches rather than on the floor as it can make the cat feel insecure.