Heat stroke

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Dogs and cats can overheat quite quickly, this is because they do not sweat thought their skin, they expel heat by panting and sweating through the paw pads and nose. Therefore it takes longer to cool down then for humans. This also means that temperature changes that may not bother us too much, can raise the core temperature of your pet. This is dangerous and your pets’ temperature can continue to raise, causing irreversible damage to your pets’ organs and in some cases death.

It is a sad fact that every year as the weather heats up that we have patients bought in suffering from heat stress/stroke which could have been avoided.

Signs of heat stroke

Lying down and refusal to get up.



Increased breathing/respiratory issues.

Dark red gum color.

 What can we do to prevent heat stroke?

Avoiding excessive exercise on warm days.

Making sure there is adequate Drinking water.

Making sure your animals’ yard has adequate shade.

Providing a shallow pool.

Providing a cool matt.

Ensure there is a well ventilated area were the animal can move to if needed.

For indoor animals, allowing access to tiled rooms like bathrooms and laundry. They can provide an area for your pet to relax.

Most importantly NEVER leave you pet in a car on a warm/hot day. Having the windows partially down is not enough.

Heat stroke can be life threatening. If you suspect your dog is suffering from heatstroke/ heat stress, contact your vet immediately.