Our Vets


Dr Kate Haines

Dr Kate Haines is the Practice Principal. Her primary professional interest is the application of biomechanical therapies (Chiropractic/Osteopathic) for animals. Her time is divided between consulting and practice administration, she doesn’t do much any! surgery these days. Kate's ea...

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Amanda 2

Dr Amanda Rhodes-Andrew

Dr Rhodes-Andrew has been with the Latrobe Veterinary Group since 1990, and as Senior Veterinarian, with extensive surgical experience and expertise, is pivotal to much that occurs behind the scenes. Dr Rhodes-Andrew has extensive experience in small animal medicine and surgery, the latter being ...

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Dr Kay Mitchell

Dr Kay Mitchell brings to the practice extreme surgical efficiency, particularly on routine procedures where her speed and dexterity are highly impressive to watch, but also her extensive knowledge of Rabbits and Guinea pigs, which are her main interest. Dr Kay Mitchell has been part time with La...

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Dr Fiona Armstrong

Dr Fiona Armstrong joined the practice in 2002 and departed on maternity leave in 2004. Since then she (with some assistance from Dale) has created a family of three lovely children, and resumed part time work to retain her sanity. She maintains she would come in without pay (though we haven't put t...

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Steph n Rosie

Dr Stephanie Gore

Dr Stephanie joined the practice in 2015, with several years experience in various practices across the State. Steph's areas of interest include surgery, where she is very keen to develop her skills further, imaging (particularly ultrasound), avian (bird) medicine & surgery and the treatment ...

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