Emergencies and Referrals

Emergency Care

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The Latrobe Veterinary Group entered into agreement with Greencross Morwell to share provision of after-hours emergency services to clients of both clinics in early 2008.

This arrangement has greatly improved the quality of life of every vet in both practices, and makes it far easier to retain good veterinarians within the Latrobe Valley.

Patients who require this service are given immediate first aid and then the choice of referral back to their original clinic or to complete the treatment at the clinic providing the emergency work, with referral back to the original clinic for follow up. Records of emergency care are transferred back to the original clinic by the next business day.

After Hours Phones

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Outside clinic opening hours, our phones are transferred to our “Phone ladies” — a team of experienced receptionists, who organise contact with the duty veterinarian as required. This means that our veterinarians are not attempting to deal with phone calls at the same time they are handling emergency cases, it provides support for our veterinarians through the night and allows far superior contact and service for our clients – you talk to real people.

Our Phone Ladies are Deb Sheers, Belinda Rogers, Denise Fraser and Teagan Middleton. Deb and Belinda in particular have years of experience in this role as well as with their own animals and Denise brings much personal experience with animals. Teagan is an experienced Veterinary Nurse. The phone ladies take all the details of the problem, then organise after hours consultations, or refer to the duty veterinarian for advice on how to proceed.

This system is shared with the Moe Veterinary Centre and Greencross Morwell.

Referral Services

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Although we can handle the vast majority of conditions within our clinics, some cases such as eye surgery, spinal surgery and other complex cases are best dealt with by registered Veterinary Specialists in these fields. We willingly offer and organise referrals to specialists for complicated, unresponsive or difficult cases. We may also recommend referral of emergency and intensive cases to a 24 hour clinic if intensive monitoring is going to be required overnight.

Dr Kate Haines often receives referrals from other veterinarians for veterinary biomechanical care and Dr Amanda Rhodes-Andrew also receives referrals for complex surgical cases.

Large Animal Property Calls

The Latrobe Veterinary Group ceased providing routine and emergency property calls for large animals in February 2007, to focus on our core area of quality small animal practice. Dr Kate Haines continues to provide equine biomechanical (chiropractic/osteopathic) service throughout Gippsland — contact either clinic for further information.