Lauren Ortel

Lauren Ortel joined the team as a junior in 2011 and has recently completed Certificate IV VN. Her cool, calm exterior disguises a fairly wicked sense of humour and some very capable veterinary nursing skills. She is the only staff member who weighs less than her dog, Rambo.  ...

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Jess Swallwell

Jess Swallwell joined us in April 2013 as a capable, qualified (Cert IV VN) Veterinary Nurse and is our go to person for koalas and other native creatures, as she lives in a wildlife shelter and has been handling them since the time that she was large enough to do so. Jess is returning from mater...

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Michelle Magill

Michelle Magill joined us in February 2014, primarily as a cleaner (and the high standard of cleanliness of our lovely hospital is largely due to her expertise & attention to detail),but her previous veterinary nursing experience is invaluable when  we need her in that role. She is steadily gai...

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Amy Roach

Amy R joined the practice in April 2015, while we were facing our internal population explosion (5 pregnancies), in a supposedly temporary position. As so often happens, the practice expanded and Amy turned out to be a huge asset - so she is with us long term. Her lovely manner with clients and will...

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Bella Ferguson

Bella is another staff member who looks smaller than her dog, Tilly, who is a gentle giant. Bella joined Latrobe Veterinary Group in January 2015, with 3 year's nursing experience and a Certificate IV VN qualification - we were delighted to welcome her. Bella is a true all-rounder, diligent & ca...

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