Latrobe Veterinary Hospital

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Latrobe Veterinary Hospital is now open. Many of our clients watched with great interest as the building went up next to our existing clinic in Traralgon. The hospital is open 7am – 7pm weekdays, 9 – 4 on Saturdays, and Sundays by appointment. From April 29th 2019 our hours will extend to 7am – 9pm weekdays, 9am – 5pm Saturdays and 10am – 5pm Sundays.

A lot of thought & planning has gone into setting this building up to provide a wonderful place to be, for our clients, our animal patients and our staff — which is enabling us to lift our previously high level of service to something really special. The building and its surrounds make access easy. The hospital has spacious carpark, ‘at level’ entry and non-slip flooring which most dogs are confident to walk on. Once inside, your experience is as enjoyable as a visit to the vet can be — spacious reception area with audiovisual equipment and daily papers for your entertainment & information, refreshments, comfortable seating and climate control to keep you comfortable.

You should not have long to enjoy these facilities, as the aim is to make your visit as time efficient as possible, while ensuring that you receive all the care & information you need. There are be multiple consultation rooms so we can see you quickly, IT systems and communication systems to ensure that the information you need goes home with you. We have also extended our opening times to make it easier for those who work long hours – the hospital is open 7am to 7 pm.

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“Behind the scenes” there’s a lot going on. For our patients — three spacious wards to ensure maximum comfort for creatures of all shapes and sizes, CCTV to keep an eye on them 24 hours if needed and lots of “toys” to enable high level veterinary care. Equipment includes a ‘state of the art’ pathology suite so we can process blood tests and give you answers within a few minutes, digital Xray, ultrasound, and surgery equipment such as cautery and suction. Additionally, we have a large range of orthopaedic equipment, so that we can carry out many high level procedures locally; you don’t need to travel to Melbourne to access these services.

High tech communication systems will allow excellent patient care, and staff facilities will facilitate training to continue developing our services. We are already attracting highly skilled staff to the area now they have such a comfortable & efficient building to enjoy. We also have an expanding program of specialist veterinarian visits.

This has been designed to be a “green” building. We had to pass up the green roof – but we do have:

  • appropriate window orientation & skylights for natural light & warmth in winter;
  • thermal break & double glazed windows to minimise heat transfer when it’s not needed;
  • heaps of insulation everywhere in the building to maintain a stable internal temperature and reduce work of air-conditioning systems;
  • water harvesting for use in toilets & garden;
  • solar hot water & provision for solar panels in future;
  • most efficient lighting & heating options possible.

We are really enjoying our new building and taking our service to you to a whole new level.

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